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KB23329 - How to assign an IP address on different subnets via the DHCP server

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Last Modified Date7/31/2015 10:30 PM
This article describes the possibility of creating a scope on a DHCP server to assign IP addresses to Network Connect users, which are different than the PCS (Pulse Connect Secure) internal port subnet.

Problem or Goal
Example 1:
  • DHCP Server Scope:
  • PCS Network Connect Server IP Address:
  • DHCP server <-> Router <-> PCS Internal Port.
  • The PCS internal port is in a different network to the DHCP server, so the Router performs DHCP relay. 
  • This scenario works; however a DHCP scope has to be used; which is a different network to the PCS Internal Port.

Example 2:
  • DHCP Server Scope:
  • DHCP server <-> Router <-> PCS 2500 Internal Port.
  • The PCS does not have an interface in the network and you cannot add any IP address from this network as a Virtual Port of the Internal Port.  
  • So, you cannot set the Network Connect Server IP Address to an IP address in the network.
  • Consequently, the GIADDRESS in the relayed DHCP Request is the IP address of the Internal Port.
  • The DHCP Server does not match this with a configured scope and cannot allocate any IP address.
External pools can be used; but you need to specify option 118 in the NC profile's DHCP settings; it is used for IPv4 Subnet selection option.
Format: <option number> <network-address for the ip-subnet> <type ip-address>
The option 118 informs the DHCP-server, the pool from which it should lease an IP. The option number might change; regarding the server software, 118 is used in ISC DHCP.

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