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KB25517 - [Core Access] Support for Citrix SecureICA with PCS

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Last Modified Date8/14/2015 2:16 PM
This article provides information about the support for Citrix SecureICA with PCS.
Problem or Goal
  • A user has a query about support for encrypted client (SecureICA) connections via PCS.
  • The use is using the Citrix Web interface/JICA in the Web Application Resource Profile and has selected the following settings:
    • Non JAVA ICA with web Interface.
  • ICA Client connects over CTS Client.
  • On the Citrix Farm, the user has enabled 128 bit encryption with RC5 as the Cipher Suite.
  • The SecureICA client should work with the PCS device, as PCS does not interfere with the ICA file encryption.
  • SecureICA encryption is applied to the entire ICA packet; except for a small encryption header, all of the ICA commands and data are encrypted, which includes:
    • Keystrokes
  • Mouse data
  • Graphic information
  • Client drive data
  • Client printer data
  • Client audio data

As the ICA connection is not terminated on the PCS device, SecureICA should work normally with CTS.

For more information, refer to the following link:

As per the above link:

"Adding to the basic security levels of MetaFrame, the Secure ICA software uses 128-bit encryption or key length (56- and 40-bit encryption is also available) to provide maximum protection for information being sent between Citrix servers and clients. By using a key of this length, Secure ICA makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to open an encrypted transmission."
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