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KB26224 - How to enable debugging on the PCS/MAG/PPS/VA console (when healthy) for health checks only

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Last Modified Date8/27/2015 11:30 AM
This article provides information on how to enable debugging at debug level 9 on a PCS/MAG/PPS/VA platform, only for health checks. The device is already fully operational and has no issues.
Problem or Goal
This procedure is to compliment the already available document on the Pulse Secure Techpubs site known as Troubleshoot System Stall Issues. However, this article should be used when the  PCS/MAG/PPS/VA platform is healthy; but further proactive analysis is required upon request due to any past issues/events, which are now resolved; but were of previous concern. Using these types of logs as part of any health check is always useful to ensure that a system is fully stabilized.

Pro-active health checks at the console level do not have any impact to the function of the system at all; but should be limited to being active, purely for the actions of either pro-active health checks and/or system frozen issues. This type of log collection on the console is not necessary for every day monitoring.
For the system frozen issue and information about the requested Kernel trace log , refer to KB17063 - [Logging/Monitoring] How to obtain the Kernel capture when requested by support and the Troubleshoot System Stall Issues document on the Pulse Secure Techpubs site
The following procedure is based on the HyperTerminal program. It should not be too different, if a different terminal program is being used:
  1. When connected to the serial console port of the respective PCS/PPS device, use the [CTRL] + [BREAK] key combination and then press [9].
  • It will be obvious whether debugging is enabled at level 9; refer to the following image:

  • On the HyperTerminal window, click the Transfer menu and then Capture Text:

  • In the Capture Text dialog box, specify a file name. Any output that is generated will be automatically saved in this file:

  • Let the debug process run, as per the time duration that is specified in the Pulse Securecase.
  • After the collection cycle is complete, Go to Transfer > Capture and either Stop or Pause the capture.
  • Then include the saved file as part of the same collection run for all of the other requested logs.
  • Do not forget to resume the text capture (whether pause or stop has been selected), when ready to issue another collection session.

When the capture is no longer required, perform the following procedure:
  1. If the Capture option is still enabled, stop it.
  • Now disable kernel debugging by using the [CTRL] + [BREAK] key combination and then press [0]. When the following message is displayed, debugging will definitely be disabled:

  • Never use the [CTRL] + [BREAK] key combination and then [T], when a system is fully operational (not frozen), as this will impact the PCS/PPS/MAG/VA node by disconnecting sessions.

    This is due to the resulting action showing the output of what the processes and threads were doing, before the system froze. So, this will not be applicable for a healthy system.
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