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KB26954 - How does the idle timeout settings work on iOS devices?

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 7:37 PM
This article describes the issue of session idle-timeout settings not working on iPad or iPhone devices. These settings  are configured for roles under Session Options.
Problem or Goal
The idle timeout values, which are configured under Users > Roles > (name of the role) > Session Options, do not get passed on to iOS devices.
This is a limitation of iOS versions 5 and 6, as of this writing.
This is known behavior for iOS clients, and a limitation to keep in mind when connection to devices operating under iOS versions 5 and 6. The maximum session length is still expected to be honored, it is just the idle session time-out that will not work.

You might also notice that users of the VPN on Demand feature, with Pulse Secure as the VPN vehicle, will be timed-out of their session after two minutes if their application stays idle for longer than two minutes at a time and does not include a keep-alive feature between clients and servers. This idle timeout is part of Apple's VPN on Demand feature and not part of the Junos Pulse client. There is no way to alter the timeout value by configuring the Pulse Secure Mobile client or the PPS/PCS.
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