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KB28589 - Network Connect and Pulse Secure Desktop client do not work correctly with IE11 when proxy server settings are configured

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Last Modified Date10/5/2015 10:55 PM
This article describes a known issue that Network Connect and Pulse Secure Desktop Client have with Internet Explorer (IE) 11.
Problem or Goal

IE11 will not use the Proxy Auto Configuration file set by Network Connect (NC) or Pulse Secure Desktop Client. The NC and Pulse Secure Desktop Client set the proxy.pac file (instantproxy.pac) to the browser for managing traffic to the tunnel.

This issue occurs when the client proxy is configured or when the proxy is configured under the VPN Tunneling Connection Profile.

The table below shows what happens when NC or Pulse set instantproxy.pac to browser.


 Proxy is NOT configured under VPN
Tunneling Connection Profile
Proxy is configured under VPN
Tunneling Connection Profile
Client proxy is OFFNot affected
(instantproxy.pac will not be used)
Client Proxy is ONAffectedAffected


For example, in the scenario below, the server-side proxy is configured:


Expected behavior: A user should be prompted with a server-side auth proxy window to access the resource.

Actual behavior (problem): The client does not use a server-side auth proxy (which is set in the IE11 browser), so the user cannot access the resource.




Internet Explorer 11 does not support a "file://" type URL schema for proxy.pac URL. This is a design change in IE11. This issue does not affect IE10/9/8, FireFox, or Chrome.

For more details about IE Internals, go to


Update: 2014-06-27

This issue will be fixed in PCS 8.0R5 and 7.4R13 for Network Connect (NC).

As IE11 does not support "file://" for the proxy.pac location, the fix involves adding a lightweight web server functionality in NC to supply the pac file via HTTP.  This HTTP server module will install/activate only if the access client is IE11 (or above), and will work only for a localhost connection. The browser proxy URL will be something like Client firewalls will need to allow this address and port to be accessed by the browser.

Note: Work on a fix for Pulse is ongoing. This article will be updated after new information is available.

Update: 2014-04-24

This issue is fixed in  8.0R8/8.1R2 and later. 

The workaround is to add the registry key below to enable legacy auto proxy features in Internet Explorer 11.


Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\
Value: EnableLegacyAutoProxyFeatures
Data: 1

Internet Explorer must be restarted to apply the registry change.

Warning: Use caution when editing the registry. Serious problems can occur if it is modified incorrectly. Thus, you should back up your registry before making any changes. Consult your IT organization for assistance with registry issues.
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