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KB29424 - Impact of new Internet Explorer security settings on Java-based delivery mechanism for Internet Explorer (Sept 2014)

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 12:08 AM
On September 9, 2014, Microsoft will modify how Internet Explorer handles out-of-date ActiveX controls. This article summarizes how this will affect Pulse Secure components used by the Pulse Connect Secure  and Pulse Policy Secure.


Problem or Goal

When accessed through a web browser, any Pulse Secure client components are launched through ActiveX or Java.  While the Pulse Secure ActiveX controls are up-to-date, it is possible for a browser to have these disabled.  When this happens, the client components are delivered via Java.  

If a older version of Java is installed, users will receive a warning about an outdated ActiveX control.


How does this update affect Pulse Secure's ActiveX control?

Microsoft's update will only affect out-of-date Oracle Java ActiveX controls.  Pulse Secure's ActiveX control is not affected by this update.

Will this update cause any issues for my end users?

By default, we will use Pulse Secure's ActiveX control to deliver and launch all Pulse Secure components except the following Java deployments:
  • Java Secure Application Manager (JSAM)
  • Premier HOB applet
  • Applets through the rewrite engine
  • Telnet
If Pulse Secure's ActiveX control are successful, this update will not affect end users.  If Pulse Secure's ActiveX control fails to install or is disabled, Java is the fallback option and the update will affect end users with outdated Java ActiveX controls. To avoid or resolve this issue, end users should update to the latest Java version.

The blocked JRE versions are:

JRE < 1.4 Update 3
JRE < 1.5 Update 71
JRE < 1.6 Update 81
JRE < 1.7 Update 65
JRE < 1.8 Update 11


If it is necessary to use an older Java version, add the Pulse Connect Secure URL to the Trusted or Intranet Zone in the Internet Explorer settings.  Microsoft confirmed that this change will only be applied to the Internet zone.

For more information, please see the Microsoft announcement at
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