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KB30167 - Radius dropped new Radius authentication request

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Last Modified Date1/8/2016 8:36 AM
This article provides information about an event log message that reports that RADIUS is dropping new authentication requests, and how to resolve this issue.  
Problem or Goal
The Event Log contains the following message:
minor - System()[] - 2011/07/21 11:51:45 - FFUNAC02 - RADIUS: Dropped 70 new RADIUS authentication request(s) in the last 60 seconds due to flood

Radius packets can be dropped for various reasons including:  


  • The PPS/PCS device is receiving a flood of RADIUS requests after a sudden network outage.  
  • The back-end RADIUS database may be delayed in processing requests due to high CPU, low memory and/or low disk space. 
  • The PPS/PCS device may not be able to process incoming RADIUS requests due to high CPU or low memory.
To resolve this issue:
  • If the issue is the result of a network outage the PPS/PCS device should stabilize within a few minutes once the pending queue of requests are handled.  
  • If the bottleneck is from the back-end database, check for high CPU, low memory, and or disk space.  Address these conditions as needed and/or restart the NAS database to release memory and CPU levels. 
  • For high CPU and/or memory being consumed by the PCS/PPS, further investigation should be taken to determine what is causing this.  A case should be open with Pulse Secure support and a snapshot should be attached while the CPU and/or memory levels are high and support teams will advise on how to proceed.
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