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KB40224 - F5 Edge VPN client does not pass traffic if Pulse is installed

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Last Modified Date9/28/2016 8:34 PM
This article describes an issue where the F5 Edge VPN client connects but does not pass traffic if Pulse desktop client is installed on the same system.
Problem or Goal
If Pulse and F5 Edge VPN client are both installed on a Windows 8.1 client the F5 Edge VPN client does not receive or send any traffic over the VPN tunnel.  If the Pulse client is uninstalled, the the F5 Edge VPN client works as expected.

This issue can occur when multiple filter drivers are installed in the network stack.  If there is insufficient space in the NetBufferList (NBL) for a filter driver to occupy only one multiple descriptor list (MDL), multiple MDL's are used to allow the driver to split the received packet data into separate buffers.  In the case of the F5 Edge driver it does not support header-data split and can only work by occupying a single NBL.
Refer to the following documentation from Microsoft for more details.  
While working with Pulse Secure and F5 on this issue, Microsoft has indicated that Windows 10 Redstone will have a fix for this issue.

Note: Although the Pulse VPN client fully complies with Windows networking requirements and routing functions it does not attempt to coexist with other vendors' VPN drivers and compatibility with other VPN products is not guaranteed.  Refer to table 10 in the Pulse Connect Secure Support Platforms documentation for a list of VPN clients that are compatible with the Pulse client.

For other VPN clients not listed in the documentation it may be possible to have compatibility with the Pulse client by following the guidelines below:
  • Install or upgrade to the latest release of each VPN client.
  • If compatibility issues are found uninstall each client and reverse the order of installation.
  • Refer to third party vendor documentation for compatibility guidelines.

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