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KB40237 - System proxy support for Pulse Secure Linux client for CLI and non-CLI versions

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Last Modified Date3/30/2017 4:37 PM
This article provides details on proxy support with the Pulse Secure client for Linux for CLI and non-CLI versions.
Problem or Goal
This issue occurs if the following conditions are met on the Linux system:
  • The client system uses a proxy defined in the network settings.
The following symptoms will occur when the following conditions are met:
  • When connecting with the Pulse Linux GUI client, the connection fails.
  • When connecting with the Pulse Linux CLI client from the same Linux system, the connection is successful.
Starting in 8.2R4, Pulse Secure Linux client introduced the non-CLI version.  However, there are some limitations of the Pulse Secure GUI client for Linux when connecting using a proxy.
Problem Report (PR)Issue DescriptionAffected VersionsStatusFixed Versions
PRS-346640'Try again' option fails after enabling proxy at network settings8.2R4 and aboveNo ETA 
PRS-346819Blank page stays for 2 mins 15 secs (avg) through proxy when a connection is initiated8.2R4 and aboveNo ETA 
PRS-346789HTTPS proxy access fails on Ubuntu 14.X with Pulse Secure for Linux8.2R4 and aboveNo ETA 

If proxy support is needed, use the Pulse CLI client for Linux endpoints.  The Pulse CLI client for Linux supports both manual proxy and PAC file configurations.  Refer to the "read me" file in the Pulse CLI client for Linux archive which can be downloaded from the Installers page of the PCS device.
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