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KB40297 - Receiving multiple events for fan RPM running below threshold for PSA Appliances

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Last Modified Date3/5/2018 9:19 PM
This article describes an issue where critical events are generated for fan alert per brief periods of time on  PSA7000c/PSA7000f/PSA5000/PSA3000/PSA300 devices.
Problem or Goal
For brief periods of time,  PSA device may generate the following critical events:
Fan *X is running below threshold (*X RPM)

Note: This issue is applicable only for PSA appliances model. (PSA300, PSA3000, PSA5000, PSA7000) 
This issue occurs due to PSA devices have a variable fan speed which is controlled based on internal cpu temperature. When the cpu temperature is below a certain threshold, the fan speed may dip below the given fan threshold causing false-positive alarms.  
To resolve this issue, please upgrade to the following releases:
  • 8.3R3 and above
  • 8.2R9 and above
  • 8.1R13 and above
In the following releases (above), the threshold alarm was modified when the fan is below 1 RPM to reduce the likelihood of false positive alerts.

When the CPU temperature is low, there may be a drop in fan speed which may trigger critical event message and FAN LED indicator to turn RED for several seconds or minutes.  The smart fan feature controls the FAN speed based on the internal temperature of the device.

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