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KB40330 - System: Push config fails when the target has a sign-in notification configured on the admin URL configured as the push target

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Last Modified Date2/22/2017 1:09 AM
This article describes an issue where push configuration fails if the target admin sign-in policy has a sign-in notification enabled.
Problem or Goal
With push configuration, if the admin sign-in URL of the target PCS or PPS device has either a pre-auth or post-auth sign-in notification configured, the push fails. The source PCS shows the following failure message: 

Failed:Login to target(Failed to connect or authenticate to remote server: https://pcsTargetURLorIP/admin)

To resolve this issue, either remove the sign-in notification from the existing sign-in policy or create a new sign-in policy specifically for push configuration that does not have any sign-in notifications configured for it.  

If a new sign-in policy is created instead of changing the existing one, the target configuration on the source PCS/PPS will need to be updated to use the new sign-in URL.
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