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KB40377 - Location Awareness rules are not enforced after manually connecting or disconnecting a Pulse connection

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Last Modified Date11/21/2016 7:37 AM
This article provides details on the expected behavior of Location Awareness rules with Pulse desktop if a connection is manually controlled.
Problem or Goal
This is working as designed as location awareness only apply when the connection is automatic. Once the Connect or Disconnect button is clicked for any connections, then location awareness rules no longer apply.

If a pulse connection with Location Awareness rules is manually controlled by the user at any time during the connection, then the connection reverts to manual mode and Location Awareness rules will no longer apply to the connection until it is "automatic" again.  

The only way to revert back to automatic connection mode, and have the Location Awareness rules be applied, is to log off Windows and log back in, or reboot the Windows client PC.  

In order to enforce Location Awareness rules for the Pulse connection at all times, the connection should be configured so that it is automatically started and the user is unable to interact with the connection in any way.

This requires that the PCS admin disables the option to "Allow user connections" in the Pulse connection options:


And disable the option to "Allow user to override connection policy" in the connection set:


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