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KB40455 - Automatically authorize or re-authorize external protocol request message for Pulse Secure Application Launcher (PSAL) with Google Chrome browser

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Last Modified Date3/5/2017 3:51 PM
This article provides step by step instructions how to automatically authorize or re-authorize the Pulse Secure Application Launcher with Google Chrome.
Problem or Goal
Starting 8.2R1, Pulse Secure implemented Pulse Secure Application Launcher (PSAL) to launch Pulse Secure components.  This application uses a custom URL, pulsesecure://, to deliver and launch client applications.  Due to this fact, Google Chrome will prompt an message to notify end user an application is being launched outside of the Chrome browser.  

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For more information about PSAL, please refer to KB40102 - Pulse Secure Application Launcher (PSAL) to deliver & launch Pulse client applications without the use of Activex & Java

When the end user selects the Remember my choice for all links of this type option, the following file will be modified:
  • macOS:  ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Local\ State
  • Windows:  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Local State

True = Do not show prompt and block launching PSAL
False = Do not show prompt and continue launching PSAL

To reset the setting to default, delete the "pulsesecure":<value> from the following file. 

Note:  This behavior may change in the future as this is being discussed via the following Chrome ticket:
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