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KB40464 - "Reason: java.lang.error: security layer negotiation failed permitted rdp+tls_credssp" when Network Level Authentication (NLA) is enabled on the target endpoint with Premier Java (HOB) RDP Applet

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Last Modified Date6/12/2018 6:25 PM
This article describes an issue where end user are unable to connect using Premier Java (HOB) RDP Applet when NLA is enabled on the target endpoint.
Problem or Goal
When trying to launch Premier Java (HOB) RDP applet from a macOS machine when the target endpoint has NLA enabled, the error message will appear:
Error Code: HLJWT2001E​
Reason: java.lang.error: security layer negotiation failed permitted rdp+tls_credssp

Example screenshot:
User-added image

This issue occurs due to a software bug when Premier Java (HOB) RDP applet is attempting to make a connection to the target endpoint when NLA is enabled.
To resolve this issue, please upgrade to one of the following releases:
If an upgrade is not possible, perform the following steps:
  • Disable NLA from the target endpoint 
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Created ByNiranjan Rathinaswami



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