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KB40469 - Session Options configured under a user role are not getting honored

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Last Modified Date3/15/2017 10:27 PM
This article describes an issue where session options configured under a user role are not getting honored properly.
Problem or Goal
When sessions options are configured, users are reaching max timeout, idle timeout, etc than what is configured under their assigned user role.
This issue can occur when one of the following conditions are meet:
  1. Session Options is not enabled on the assigned user role.
  2. End user is assigned multiple user roles
To resolve this issue, perform one of the following actions:

Step 1:  Session Options is enabled on the User Role

If the session options is not enabled on the user role, the setting will be taken from the Default Options under User Role > Default Options.  Using the Default Options is a easy way to configure identical sessions options for a multiple user roles instead of individually configuring sessions for each role.

If this is not the desired behavior, ensure session options is enabled under each user role.

Step 2:  Multiple roles are assigned with different session options setting

If multiple roles are assigned with different session options setting, then the user will be assigned the largest value between all roles.  For example:


Max Session: 60 mins
Idle Timeout: 15 mins

ROLE 2: 

Max Session: 120 mins
Idle Timeout: 60 mins

Under this scenario, if the user is assigned both roles, they would get a max session of 120 mins and idle timeout of 60 mins.

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