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KB40668 - Pulse One\PCS Pulse One reports "configuration mismatch" after pushing configuration to group

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Last Modified Date6/5/2017 6:34 PM
After a Publish to Group, Pulse One reports a "configuration mismatch" a short while later. This behavior repeats even though no changes have been made to the master appliance.
Problem or Goal
A known issue with PCS appliances running code prior to 8.3R1 can cause a mismatch in the "primary-responder" element of a Trusted Client certificate authority. To determined if this is the cause of your mismatch perform a comparison between the master appliance in a Pulse One group and one of the other group members flagged as being mismatched. If the discrepancy is for a Trusted Client CA and the output of the comparison resembles the output below an upgrade of the PCS appliances may resolve your issue.

<last-used-time xsi:nil="true"/>

Upgrade your PCS appliances to 8.3R1 or later.
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