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KB40707 - One or more Certificates(s) has expired or due to expire

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Last Modified Date6/22/2017 5:42 AM
This article provides information about the warning message "One or more Certificate(s) has expired or due to expire".
Problem or Goal
This message is to notify the Pulse Connect Secure / Pulse Policy Secure administrator action may be needed to update expired or due to expired certificates. For more details about the problematic certificate(s), click the hyperlink on the warning message.

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This page will display a list of expired certificates or due to expire in 60 days by name, type and expiration date.

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The administrator should evaluate the list and take immediate action if any of the following certificate types:
  • ​Device Certificates - Certificates used to secure the connection between endpoints and the PCS / PPS device
  • Trusted Client CAs - Certificates used to trusted any certificate auth or certificate restrictions scenarios
  • Code-Signing Certificates - Certificates used to resign any java control applets
  • Client Auth Certificates - Certificates used to perform client authentication to backend resources
If any of these certificate types expire without a renewal or replacement, the following feature will cease to work. For certificate type of Trusted Server CA, customers can evaluate if their environment use the following certificate authority for any inbound or outbound connections for the PCS / PPS device. If the certificate authority is not used, the Trusted Server CA can be safely deleted from the Trusted Server CA list.

Q: Can the administrator change the number of days when the warning will appear?
A: Yes. The administrator can navigate to Configuration > Certificates > Certificates Validity Check.  In the Certificate Expire Notification Duration field, enter the number of days prior to the expiration to be prompt.

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Q: Can the administrator customize the warning to appear only certain certificate types or disable the warning completely?
A: Yes. The administrator can navigate to Configuration > Certificates > Certificates Validity Check. Under Certificate Types, select the appropriate checkboxes for the warning to apply to.  If the administrator wants to disable this feature, uncheck all certificate types and click Save Changes.

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