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KB40871 - Backup and restore configuration feature in Pulse One On-Premise 2.0.1723

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Last Modified Date8/24/2017 3:15 PM
This article provides information about a backup and restore configuration feature with Pulse One On-Premise 2.0.1723.
Problem or Goal

Below CLI is used for both backup (export) and restore (import):

Backup and restore command


Backup scenario:

It is recommended to back up only the master node of a cluster. Backup and restore of a passive appliance in a cluster is not supported because the provisioning and associated appliance information cannot be retrieved from a passive appliance as the cluster needs to be reformed.
  • The appliance should be offline before backup occurs. If the appliance is online, run the services stop command to switch the appliance to offline.
  • The backup requires external interface be configured.
  • Incremental backup, selective backup, backup to NFS, and backup encryption are not supported in Pulse One On-Premise 2.0.1723.
  • Backup of data stored outside the appliance is not supported.
  • Import must be completed on the same version of source and target, e.g., backup archive of 1723 can only be used to restore to another 1723 appliance.
  • Do not run the system provision command before importing. If the system provision command is run before importing, all Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure appliances may become unregistered.

Restore scenario:

  • Restore master appliance configuration onto an appliance.
  • Demote the Passive node of the cluster.
  • Demote the now restored master node of the cluster.
  • Regenerate the cluster using the How-To guide of forming a cluster.
  • After demoting an appliance (Active node or Passive node), reboot the appliance and reconfigure the internal port as internal port configuration is removed during the demote command execution.

Backup procedure:

To back up Pulse One config and data files on the appliance:
  1. Type the following command:
​system backup export
  1. Use the URL to download the backup file
  2. Once the download is complete, press Ctrl+C and the backup file will be automatically deleted

Restore procedure:

To restore the backup file:
  1. Type the following command:
system backup import
  1. The following message appears: This will destroy all files and configuration currently on this appliance. Type "DESTROY" to continue? and type DESTROY
  2. Use the URL from the backup procedure to upload the backup file
  3. Once the upload is complete, the message Restore backup (details about backup size and MD5) now? is displayed and enter Y
  4. Press Enter key
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