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KB40924 - Pulse One publishing error "Publish Failed" related to custom log filter, description and solution

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Last Modified Date9/13/2017 4:00 PM
This article describes issues with the Pulse One appliance showing a "Publish Failed" related to custom log filter when using group publishing.
Problem or Goal
When publishing a configuration from master to target appliance with custom log filter, the admin got "Publish Failed" error and looking at the logs in Pulse One, it indicates a problem with custom filter:

[/system/log/filters/filter[name=Example-filter]] Custom format should be an empty string 

Pulse One Activity Log

While defining a log filter, if the format type selected is "Custom", admin should edit the 'format string' to a string which is not one of the predefined formats. If the 'format string' is not edited, it will fail publication as it will not import successfully in the target.

Custom filter

To resolve issue, in the master appliance, delete and re-create the filter for which the import fails. ​
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