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KB40942 - Support for iOS 11 and known issues

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Last Modified Date9/20/2017 3:51 PM
This article provides information on support for iOS 11 and known issues with Pulse iOS client 
Problem or Goal
Pulse Secure recommends upgrading the Pulse Mobile client to 6.4.0 or higher (already available the App Store) while using iOS 11.

Known Issues:

DescriptionPRS NumberFix StatusWorkaroundKB Article
When an iOS 11 device with VPN On Demand (VOD) and Global HTTP Proxy may intermittently experience connectivity issues to the Pulse Connect Secure device causing applications that rely on the VPN tunnel to fail. iOS 11 will will fail to display the VPN and Wifi icon.PIOS-1518Pulse secure is currently investigating the issue with Apple.Toggling the Connect On Demand option will resolve the issue.KB40945
When an end user has enabled Airplane mode on a iOS 11 device, the Pulse Mobile user interface will display "Connected" state instead of "Connecting" or "Re-asserting" state.  Once Airplane mode is disabled, Pulse Mobile will resume connectivity and resume the VPN tunnel.PIOS-1510RESOLVEDThere is no workaround for this issue. There is no impact to resume functionality of the VPN tunnel.  However, the Pulse Mobile user interface will display the incorrect status.KB40943
For more details on each issue, please refer to the corresponding KB articles.
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