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KB40976 - Detection of Host Checker Process Policy failed with Pulse Secure Linux Client

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Last Modified Date10/23/2018 7:52 PM
This article provides information about detection issue when we run host checker based upon process check with Pulse Secure Linux Client.
Problem or Goal
When an end user tries to connect with Pulse Desktop Linux Client and host checker is configured based upon process check. Users may face detection issue with some processes on Linux Machine. Example: encryptfs-kthrea and dmcrypt_write.
If we check host check process based upon the kernel thread instead of actual process, pulse secure linux client may failed to detected the process policy. A reliable way to check for kernel threads should be to call readlink() on /proc/$pid/exe and check its return code. If it succeeds then $pid is a user process. If it fails with ENOENT, then an extra stat() on /proc/$pid/exe should tell apart the case of a kernel thread from a process that has just terminated.
As per the current design of the Pulse Secure Linux Client, we do not support detecting kernel threads through host checker. We need to create a host checker process policy based upon user process.

The KB will be updated once this feature is implemented in a release.

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