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KB40992 - How to Configure IKEv2 for MacOS to connect to a PCS device

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Last Modified Date1/3/2018 9:10 PM
This article provides the steps to configure IKEv2 on a MacOS to connect to a PCS device.
Problem or Goal
This guide provides the steps to configure an IKEv2 connection on MacOS to connect to a PCS device.
  • IKEv2 on MAC is supported in MacOS 10.11 El Capitan and up.
  • PCS server address and authentication type and details provided by the system administrator.

Follow the steps below to configure IKEv2 on MacOS.
  1. Click the Apple Icon and click System preferences.
  2. Select Network.

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  1. In the Network panel, click the + symbol to add a new connection.
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  1. For Interface, select VPN and for VPN Type select IKEv2.  
  2. Enter a service name for the connection and click Create.
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  1. The new VPN connection will be displayed in the connection list.  Click the new VPN connection to display its properties.
  2. For the connection property details enter the VPN gateway Server Address that was provided by your system administrator.
  3. For the Remote ID, enter the domain portion of the server address.  
  4. For the Local ID, no entry is necessary.
  5. Make sure that the option is checked to Show VPN statue in menu bar.

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  1. Click Authentication Settings and select the Authentication type provided by your system administrator.  
  2. The example below is for Username but you will need to select the authentication type provided by your system administrator.
  3. Enter your username and password and click OK.

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  1. Click Apply and Connect to use the connection now.
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