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KB41060 - Premier Java RDP Applet and licensing frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Last Modified Date11/14/2017 8:07 PM
This article provides information about frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Premier Java RDP applet and licensing.
Problem or Goal
The Premier Java RDP Applet license provides companies with a platform independent, Java-based solution for accessing Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers. It makes business critical data in Windows-based applications available to all remote users, regardless of the type of hardware or OS they are using. With the Premier Java RDP Applet option, central installation and administration are available through Java technology. When used in combination with the Premier RDP Applet option, the Java Windows Terminal provides one of the most convenient terminal server access experiences. The Premier Java RDP Applet licenses are available in 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year subscription options.

Q1: When a Premier Java RDP license is generated, how is the start and end date determined?
A: The start and end date of the license is determined by the dates stated on the service contract.  For more details, please refer to the Right To Use (RTU) certificate.

Q2: When a Premier Java RDP license has reached the expiration date, will this impact all end users?
A: If the license has expired, end users will continue to work as normal during the 90 grace period to allow time to install a renewal license.

  • If a Premier Java RDP renewal license is already installed with the current date as the start date, the renewal license is immediately activated after the expiration date.
  • If a Premier Java RDP renewal license is installed after 90 days from the expiration date, the Renewal license will remain as Renewal /Inactive.
Q3: After the 90 day grace period, what is the impact to end users?
A: Premier Java RDP license count will be reduced to two (2) connections.  Any further connections will be rejected.

Q4: After installing the renewal license, the license remains Inactive.
A: For more information how renewal subscription based licensing works, please refer to KB23326 - How subscription based license renewal works.
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