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KB43642 - ng-gateman process snapshots are generated when a PPS and its Palo Alto enfrocer attempt to reconcile

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Last Modified Date2/26/2018 11:51 PM
This article describes one possible cause for the creation of an ng-gateman snapshot. The ng-gateman process controls communications between the PPS and its Palo Alto enforcers.
Problem or Goal
When a PPS and its PAN firewall enforcer lose connection for any reason the PPS will reconnect to the PAN and begin reconciliation. When connectivity is lost it is important for the two devices to sync up and ensure new auth tables are added to the PAN and for old auth tables to be removed, this process is called reconciliation. We've observed issues with PAN OS 8.0.6 and 8.0.7 and reconciliation. The following message can be returned by the PAN firewall during reconciliation.

<response status="error"><msg><line><uid-response>
<entry message="Not ready to process xmlapi data"/>

Current releases of the PPS code are unable to understand the message and the PPS generates an ng-gateman core.
Changes have been incorporated into PPS 9.0R1 and later to prevent the cores.  Palo Alto reports the issue will be fixed on their end in PAN OS 8.0.9.
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