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KB43654 - Pulse One configuration publish to virtual appliances fails with a generic error message "Error: Commit failed" and no details why the error is occurring.

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Last Modified Date1/29/2020 4:57 PM
This article describes where a configuration publish to a virtual appliance in a Pulse One appliance group fails with a generic error message "Error: Commit failed" and no details why the error is occurring.
Problem or Goal
The Pulse One Administrator will encounter a generic error message when attempting to publish any type of configuration from a master virtual appliance to a target virtual appliance.
Error: Commit failed

Under normal circumstances, the error message will give details why the push failed and what is needed to be corrected.
This issue occurs when the OVF template of the virtual appliance has been altered and deployed without the  Management Port.  If a configuration is pushed with the management port details to the following target, the configuration import will fail with a generic error message.
Pulse Secure does not recommend to removal of the management port from the virtual appliances via OVF editing. If the port is not needed it should be set to disabled.

For situations where virtual appliances deployed from a modified OVF are already present in the environment, the following 2 solutions can be utilized:

Solution 1:

  1. Export the binary system and user configuration from the appliance in question
  2. Redeploy the Appliance from a OVF template which was not edited to remove the Management port
  3. Import the binary configuration exported in step 1
  4. Register the newly deployed appliance in Pulse One and add it to your appliance group
  5. Attempt to publish the configuration again

Solution 2:

If the redeployment of appliances is not feasible, appliances which have the management port removed need to be managed in a separate appliance group.
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