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KB43707 - PSA appliance Config State in Pulse One remains at "Unknown" or "Rendering" after upgrading the PSA appliance

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Last Modified Date7/20/2018 5:28 PM
This article provides details and a resolution for an issue where the Config State remaining at "Unknown" or "Rendering" in Pulse One for a PSA appliance that belongs to a Publish Group that was recently upgraded.  
Problem or Goal
After upgrading a PSA appliance that belongs to a Publish Group in Pulse One, the Config State of the device remains at "Unknown" or "Rendering".

For example:
  • The screenshot below shows a Master appliance and two Target appliances in a Publish Group in Pulse One.  The Master and one of the Targets are both running the PCS OS 8.3R3, and Target2 has been upgraded to 9.0R1. 
User-added image
  • Target2 has a status of "Unknown" after being upgraded.
User-added image
Appliances in a Publish Group must be running the same version of PCS OS as the master.  If one of the appliances is upgraded while it is still part of the Publish Group, then this will cause a software version mismatch with other appliances in the group and can result in the upgraded appliance config state show as "rendering" or "unknown".

This is expected behavior.
Appliances in Publish Groups are required to be running the same OS builds.  To upgrade appliances in a Publish Group follow the instructions below:
  1. Remove both appliances from the Publish Group in Pulse One.  (Note: This will not impact registration status of the appliance in Pulse One.)
  2. Upgrade the Target appliances.
  3. Upgrade the Master appliance.
  4. Add the Target appliances back to the Publish Group that contains the Master appliance.
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