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KB43748 - How to capture Fiddler logs if a rewrite issue is reported in iOS device

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Last Modified Date5/1/2018 3:56 PM
This articles provides step by step instructions on how to capture Fiddler logs from an iOS device to debug rewrite issues.
Problem or Goal
Fiddler tool is used to capture the web traffic between a client and web server. Fiddler tool installation is available only for PC's and not for mobile devices. However, following steps would help to capture the web traffic by forwarding the web request from an iOS device to a client PC. 

Note: The client PC (where the Fiddler tool is running) and the iOS device must be connected on the same network. 


Step 1: Configure Fiddler Tool

  1. Open the Fiddler tool
  2. Navigate to Tools > Options > HTTPS tab
  3. Click the checkbox for Capture HTTPS CONNECTS and Decrypt HTTPS traffic
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  1. A prompt will appear to trust a fiddler root certificate and click Yes
  2. A window prompt will appear to install the certificate and click Yes
  3. Click OK

Step 2: Enable Fiddler tool to allow traffic 
  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Connections tab
  2. Click the checkbox for Enable Allow remote computers to connect
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Note: After enabling the above option we need to restart the Fiddler tool. Also make sure your firewall allows incoming connections to the Fiddler process.

Step 3: Configure Proxy settings in iOS

  1. Navigate to Wi-Fi > Settings
  2. Open the  Wi-Fi Network to which the iOS device is connected 
  3. Under HTTP Proxy section tap Configure Proxy and choose the option manual
  4. In the Server box, type the IP address of the client PC in which the Fiddler tool is running.
  5. In the Port box, type the port Ensure the Authentication slider is Off.
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Step 4: Install Fiddler Root Certificate in iOS

  1. Open a browser and type http://FiddlermachineIP:8888 Ex: 
  2. Click on download the FiddlerRoot certificate and install. 
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  1. Install button again
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  1. After the certificate got installed Go to SettingsAboutCertificate Trust SettingsENABLE FULL TRUST FOR ROOT CERTIFICATES
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After the above all changes now if you try to browse any web resource in iOS browser Fiddler tool which is running on the client PC will capture the web traffic. Please save the file locally in the client PC and attach the file to the support case at

If you decide to uninstall the root certificate, navigate to Settings > General  > Profiles  > Tap DO_NOT_TRUST_FiddlerRoot* profile  > Remove.
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