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KB43783 - PDC : Intermittently Pulse session is interrupted with Errors 10054 and 1110

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Last Modified Date5/31/2018 10:51 AM
This article describes an issue where Pulse client session is disconnected randomly for users with Errors 10054 and 1110 in the client debug log
Problem or Goal
Symptom is :

User starts vpn tunnel,VPN session will get interrupted/disconnected after a certain period of time and the pulse client will show "connection requested" message and will not go any further
The issue is caused mainly due to a third party software/device tearing down the control channel :

10054 is connection reset error code and client got a connection reset error (10054) on the control channel

In client debug logs LogsAndDiagnostics\Logs\ProgramData\debuglog.log file, we can see that the control channel is teared down :

00139,09 2018/05/03 13:36:16.307 1 SYSTEM dsAccessService.exe salib_OSSL p1336 t2500 win_ssl.cpp:457 - 'win_ssl_recv' SSL_read failed with error 5
00140,09 2018/05/03 13:36:16.316 1 SYSTEM dsAccessService.exe iftProvider p1336 t2500 session.cpp:207 - 'IftTls' DSSSL_recv failed with error 10054
00136,09 2018/05/03 13:36:16.316 1 SYSTEM dsAccessService.exe iftProvider p1336 t2500 IftTlsClient.cpp:345 - 'iftProvider' recv failure: 0x2746

You will see below error codes subsequently and pulse client will be stuck in a connection requested loop :

00142,09 2018/05/03 13:36:16.426 4 SYSTEM dsAccessService.exe iftProvider p1336 t3394 iftProvider.cpp:1720 - 'iftProvider' Got http response code 302
00163,09 2018/05/03 13:36:16.426 3 SYSTEM dsAccessService.exe iveConnectionMethod p1336 t3394 connInstance.cpp:1813 - 'iveConnectionMethod' Setting state to retry-connect
00186,09 2018/05/03 13:36:16.426 1 SYSTEM dsAccessService.exe iveConnectionMethod p1336 t3394 connInstance.cpp:1431 - 'iveConnectionMethod' Error connecting channel: Server doesn't speak agentd

00413,09 2018/05/03 13:36:21.471 4 testuser Pulse.exe Pulse p6812 t1AA0 UiModelListener.cpp:370 - 'JamUI'         last-status-msg: 1110 <short: Unable to communicate with the server., long: The server can't respond to Pulse Secure networking requests.  This could be due to the server being down, or connecting to a server that's not a Pulse Secure server.  If this condition persists, please contact your administrator.>
We need to check for any third party software which can conflict for example Bonjour, Symantec Unified agent, 3rd party VPN software etc.

We can perform troubleshooting as documented in KB40887 - How to isolate or fix third party conflict issue with Pulse Secure Desktop client

If we have performed the troubleshooting and still see the issue, open a support case with below logs :

Note : We can collect the below logs if we can find a user who can consistently replicate the issue.If issue is random across different users and it is difficult to find a user to replicate issue, open support case with PCS logs (Logs/Monitoring > save all logs) and Client side logs only.

PCS side Logs :

KB22509 - What server side logs will be required when I open a Network Connect (NC) or Pulse client case? 

Mention Timestamp on PCS when issue occured.

Client side logs :

1. Pulse client logs KB17327 - How to collect the log file from Pulse Secure Desktop client?

2. Wireshark capture from Physical and VPN adapter.

3. MSinfo32 logs
  1. Go to Start Run 
  2. Type msinfo32.exe
  3. Select File > Save
  4. Browse to an appropriate location to save the file
  5. Type a filename into the appropriate field and ensure Save as type is set to System Information File (*.NFO)
  6. Click Save
4. Timestamp on client when issue occured.
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