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KB43846 - [Pulse iOS] : Non defined tunnel resource traffic goes via tunnel in PCS 9.0R1 and above

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Last Modified Date8/2/2018 6:04 AM
This article describes an issue with PCS 9.0R1 and above with Pulse Secure iOS client where non defined tunnel resource traffic goes via tunnel.
Problem or Goal
  • Configure split tunnel resource in PCS.
  • Connect VPN with enable split tunneling.
  • Try accessing the non defined split tunnel resource such as internet and observed the traffic is tunneled.

Actual: Non defined tunnel resource traffic goes via tunnel.

Expected : Non defined resource traffic should go out of tunnel.

NOTE : This issue does not impact previous versions like 8.3RX.

This issue occurs due to a bug in the software.
Pulse Secure is working on a fix for the issue and will update the KB on an ETA once available,

Workaround : Add some dummy IPV6 resource in split tunneling networks to make this tunnel mode to be functioning as expected .

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