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KB43898 - Citrix Web Application shows a Blank while accessing through the PCS device in core Access mechanism

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Last Modified Date9/25/2018 5:28 AM
This article describes an issue where end user are seeing a blank page while accessing the Citrix Web Application in core access mechanism.
Problem or Goal
When the end user attempts to access the Citrix Web Application in core access mechanism, we will see a blank page being shown for the user. This issue is noticed in 8.3R6 /9.0R1 version 
The Citrix web application is trying to emulate to older IE  browser version like IE 7 and is not supported in newer versions of PCS code and also by Microsoft.

Solution :

1. Install rewriting filter which handles the IE emulation to older version by backend by setting emulation mode on IE to 10 and above.

For instructions how to install a rewrite filter, refer to KB10195 - Installation instructions for rewrite filter


2. Change emulation mode on Citrix backend to IE 11 as Microsoft suggests using IE 11.
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Created ByLokesh T K



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