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KB43950 - Pulse One "Configuration Mismatch" status after attempting to publish a master config to an appliance group.

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Last Modified Date11/28/2018 8:12 PM
This article describes an issue with Pulse One appliance publication where the message "Configuration Mismatch" is returned after attempting to publish the master config to one or more devices in an appliance group.  
Problem or Goal
After attempting to publish a master config to one or more appliances in an appliance group, the operation fails with error "Configuration Mismatch" on the target device.  

Mismatch Pulse One error

This issue occurs due to duplicate SAM destinations servers in Resource Profile > SAM > WSAM Destinations server list.  An example is shows below:

Sample Master Duplicate

NOTE: The above issue occurs if the SAM Resource Profile is included in the Pulse One Group Settings as below:

SAM selected in Pulse One resource profile

When Pulse One publishes a configuration with duplicate SAM destination server entries, the duplicate is detected and removed so that only unique server entries get pushed to the target, however this causes a configuration mismatch because the duplicate still exists in the master config and when the configs are compared, it results in the "Configuration Mismatch" error.  

To resolve this issue, make sure that there are no duplicate server entries in the master config WSAM Destination server list.  If duplicate are found, they should be manually removed prior to publishing the config to the appliance group.  
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