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KB43982 - Intermittent messages for "One of the power supplies has failed" occur for PSA7000 device

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Last Modified Date8/18/2019 4:21 AM
This article describes an issue where the PSA7000 device may experience intermittent messages about power supply failures.
Problem or Goal
From the event log, the device may experience intermittent power supply failure messages on a PSA7000 device.
critical - System()[] - 2018/06/07 19:24:41 - Sending ivePowerSupplyNotify 
[ psDescription='One of the power supplies has failed' ] 

critical - System()[] - 2018/06/07 19:25:46 - Sending ivePowerSupplyNotify 
[ psDescription='Both the power supplies are back up' ]

A visual check of the power supply does show green lights for both power supplies.
This issue occurs due to the low threshold when checking for power supply failures. The original design was to check every 60 seconds and report if the power supply has failed.
Starting in 9.0R4 and above, the threshold has been increased to check the power supply for 5 minutes (300 seconds) and report only if power supply has failed five (5) consecutive times in a row.
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