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KB44006 - Suggestions for successful Pulse One (On-Prem) software upgrade

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Last Modified Date1/26/2019 2:15 AM
Valuable facts and suggestions for a problem-free Pulse One (On-Prem) software upgrade experience.
Problem or Goal
The goal of this article is for customers to have a successful Pulse One (On-Prem) upgrade experience. The article applies when upgrading to version Pulse One 2.0.1834 or lower.

A few customers who upgraded to release versions Pulse One 2.0.1834 or below had faced few hiccups which had prevented a successful upgrade, rendering appliances in an unusable state. At times, Engineering had to be brought in as a result to remedy the problem.


Few issues have been identified that may cause a failed or partial upgrade. 

  1. A provisioned system attempts to upgrade a system without the log-aggregator license added.
  2. A system attempts to upgrade with an improperly configured external interface.
  3. A provisioned system attempts to upgrade without properly configuring the https key, cert and ca-bundle. This could cause issue (2) above.
  4. An admin attempts upgrade over SSH console and as a result cannot confirm the status or successful completion of the upgrade.
  5. An admin upgrades from version 1637, which uses the management interface for web communication to a later version (version 1649 and up), which uses the external interface for web communication.

The following facts and suggestions were determined to avoid issues mentioned:

On a provisioned system that is to be upgraded, please add a log-aggregator license before proceeding.
1. Ensure that a license similar to this example is installed and contact support if not existing.
How to check log aggregator license
2. Ensure external interface is properly configured and has no connectivity issues.
3. For a provisioned system, configure all certs, keys and bundle prior to upgrade.
4. If possible, upgrade through telnet/serial console access. This will ensure the user sees the upgrade to completion.
4a. If you need to start your upgrade over SSH for copy/paste convenience or any other particular reason, please ensure to move over to the console
       session once the SSH session is terminated.
4b. The user must see the message ‘Reboot needed after the upgrade. Press <ENTER> to reboot.’ and then press enter to complete the upgrade.
5. After a successful upgrade of Pulse One from version 1637 to any version above this, please ensure to reconfigure/move your management interface IP
    address to the external interface IP address. This will ensure all web related communication continue to happen without any issues. You may reconfigure
    a new IP address on your management interface if you wish to use SSH.

Note: SSH uses Management (Ethernet) port whereas Serial Console is an RJ-45 (RS-232) port labelled as "MGMT" and "CONSOLE", respectively:
PSA7000 management and console ports
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