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KB44291 - Recommended PCS URL to bookmark in the browser.

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Last Modified Date11/4/2019 7:16 AM
This article describes about the recommended PCS URL that needs to be bookmarked in the browser.
Problem or Goal
If we bookmark https://pulselab/dana-na/auth/url_xxxxxxxxx/welcome.cgi which for example corresponds to sign in URL https://<PCSURL/test, then the following issue is observed:

When the users click on the bookmark and launch the client, connection will be pushed to the client.If user closes the browser, opens the browser, click on the bookmark and launch the client, (default connection) will be pushed to the client and the users cannot login as a different auth server will be mapped to the default connection.
Bookmark the PCS URL as instead of https://pulselab/dana-na/auth/url_xxxxxxxxx/welcome.cgi
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