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KB44359 - Applications accessed via PSAM (Pulse Secure Application Manager) gets stuck randomly.

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Last Modified Date2/10/2020 12:40 PM
This article outlines a scenario where some applications accessed via PSAM gets stuck randomly after some time. 
Problem or Goal
Some Applications get stuck randomly after some time while accessing via PSAM.

The Pulse Client log would show the following error (Pulse Client -> File -> Log -> Save As -> -> Logs -> ProgramData -> Debuglog*.log)
SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe samAM p1142 t1F11 pcp.cpp:94 - 'pcp' max no of connections limit (64) reached for a user session
SYSTEM PulseSecureService.exe samAM p1142 t1F11 tcpPortmap.cpp:255 - 'tcpPortmap' pcpOpenTcp failed

Note ->

a. This usually is seen in applications that open too many connections (Sockets).
b. This issue usually doesn't occur in Legacy WSAM Client.
The connections at the Pulse client level also known as channels weren’t being closed properly and this resulted in a lot of idle connections resulting in the issue.
This issue is fixed in Pulse Desktop client 9.1R4.1 (Mid-Feb, 2020 Release) & 9.2R1 (Mid-April, 2020 Release).
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