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KB44401 - How to collect logs related to Authentication issues.

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Last Modified Date3/18/2020 11:19 AM
This article outlines the procedure to collect logs for Authentication issues.
Problem or Goal
How to collect logs related to Authentication issues?
  1. Policy Trace : Maintenance -> Troubleshooting -> User Sessions -> Policy Tracing (Enable User/Realm, Check Pre-Authentication / Authentication) & Start Recording.
  2. Debug Log : Maintenance -> Troubleshooting -> Monitoring -> Debug Log,
  •     Select “Debug Logging On”.
  •     Select Max Debug Log Size as 200 MB.
  •     Select “Debug Log Detail Level” & “Event Codes” as listed below and “Save Changes”.
ComponentLog LevelLog SizeEvent Codes
Auth Server>AD Authe/Autho 20200samba,smbserver,Auth,ntjoinserver,smb,Authenticate,smblowlevel
Auth Server>LDAP10200LDAP,DSLdap,Auth,DSLdapServer
Auth Server>ACE10200ACE,Auth,Authenticate
Auth Server>Radius10200Radius,Auth,RadiusAuth
Auth Server>Certificate10200Certificate, CRL, OCSP,SSL
Auth Server>SiteMinder20200NetegrityAuthServer,Authenticate,WebRequest,AdminChange,Welcome,Auth,NeteHandler
Auth Server>SAML20200saml
Auth Server>TOTP20200Auth,REST

        3. Replicate the issue, Save the debug log, Uncheck “Debug Logging On” option immediately and save changes (The system will have performance issues otherwise).  
        4. Stop Recording & Save Policy Trace.
        5. Collect PCS Logs (User/Events/Admin) \\ (System -> Log/Monitoring -> Events -> Save All Logs).
        6. System Snapshot from all the nodes (With “System Config” & “Debug Log” selected) \\ Maintenance -> Troubleshooting -> System Snapshot).
        7. System/user config :
  • Maintenance -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Configuration -> Save Config As.
  • Maintenance -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Users -> Save Config As.
        8. Please collect the Pulse Secure Desktop client (if used) logs per KB17327

Please zip all these files and attach it to the case.

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