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KB44445 - EVAL License FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Last Modified Date5/25/2022 3:52 PM
This article answers Frequently Asked Questions about EVAL Licenses.
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Q : What is a Pulse Secure EVAL license?

A : An EVAL license is an temporary license which is a full feature license given by Sales/accounts team for DEMO/POC purposes. It enables maximum concurrent users for the device.

Q : What is the length of the EVAL license?

A : An EVAL license can be activated for a week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 8 weeks duration.

Q : Which platforms support the EVAL licenses?

A : PSA300, PSA3000, PSA5000, PSA7000 and PSA-V Appliances.

Q : Can an EVAL license be used with an ICE license? 

A : No. If any node has an EVAL license installed the ICE license cannot be enabled.  The link to enable the ICE license will be disabled.To enable the ICE license, it will be necessary to remove the EVAL license from the device.The EVAL license can be reinstalled with the license keys once the ICE license is disabled. It is recommended to save the EVAL license keys in a text file that can be used later to reinstall the license.

Q : Can the EVAL license be combined with permanent or subscription licenses already installed on the device?  

A : Yes.EVAL licenses can be combined with permanent licenses or subscription licenses already installed on a device, without impacting the existing licenses in any way. A subscription license will continue to countdown its timer while an EVAL license is enabled. 

Q : Does activating EVAL license make a PSA-V as PSA-7KV ?

A : Yes, we can allocate CPU cores accordingly, refer KB44408

Q : Is it advisable to install EVAL licenses on a production License server ?

A : No, it is not suggested as it does not increase license count and clients will start leasing from EVAL license pool and could have issues in leasing licenses from License server if EVAL licenses expire on the license server.
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