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KB44448 - How do I install or generate a licenses for PSA-V (virtual appliances) and other cloud-based instances (AWS and Azure)?

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Last Modified Date4/27/2020 8:24 PM
This article provides step-by-step instructions how to install or generate license for PSA-V (virtual appliances) and other cloud-based instances (AWS and Azure).
Problem or Goal
Important! All virtual appliance must maintain connectivity to  If network connectivity is not restored after 24 days, all licenses will become inactive.  Once license become inactive, network connectivity must be restored to make all licenses active again.

Here is a list of common Pulse Cloud Licensing Server (PCLS) issues:
PSA-V and other cloud-based instances use Pulse Cloud Licensing Server (PCLS) to generate and install licenses directly to the appliance.
  1. Login to admin console
  2. Navigate to System > Licensing > Download Licenses
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  1. Under On demand license downloads, enter the authentication (auth) code for each license in the text box field
  2. Click Download and Install

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Note: Platform license are required for virtual appliance running 9.0RX and above.  Please ensure to install the platform and user licenses for each virtual appliance.  For more information about platform licenses, refer to KB41030 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PSA-V (Virtual Appliance) in 8.3R3/5.4R3 and higher version of PCS/PPS software

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