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KB44544 - Pulse One On-Premise SMTP Option to Disable Authentication

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Last Modified Date8/10/2020 11:55 PM

Pulse One On-Premise SMTP Option to Disable Authentication

Pulse One On-Premise undocumented SMTP command to disable authentication of Pulse One to SMTP server. 
Problem or Goal
The goal of this article is to answer a question whether SMTP configuration can be modified after provisioning and how to disable SMTP authentication.
Before provisioning the domain in Pulse One On-Prem, SMTP is required to be setup first via the command:

Pulse One > smtp set --sender <sender-email> --server <smtp-server> --username <USERNAME> --password 

Note The default setting is tls, you can disable it by using --no-tls options.

However, when there is a change in SMTP information after system provisioning is done, it is allowed to reconfigure SMTP by using the above commands.

If the change in SMTP is authentication where there is no need for authentication, you can use the below command:

Pulse One > smtp set --no-username  --no-password

To display the new SMTP settings:

Pulse One > smtp show

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