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KB44573 - Pulse One 2.0.2002 Admin Interface (Publish Group Review and Status) Changed from Previous Releases

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Last Modified Date8/21/2020 5:03 PM

Pulse One 2.0.2002 Admin Interface (Publish Group Review and Status) Changed from Previous Releases

This article describes the changes in behavior of the new Admin Interface in Pulse One 2.0.2002 version. In  this version, the way Publish group review and status page shows up is totally different than previous versions.
Problem or Goal
This article is to ensure customers are aware of the new changes and to highlight that the new behavior is as expected. 
From Pulse One 2.0.2002 version of software, customers may notice some differences in the way the Admin UI Publish Group review and apply changes behave, including screen refreshes.
Note: In previous versions, customers complained that while reviewing the changes to be published, the page randomly refreshed and lost the context size setting, thus review process needed to be restarted.  This was not desired, so the behavior of the UI was re-designed.

The changes in the current Pulse One 2.0.2002 is as per below example screenshot:
  • Review changes details window along with "Context Size" adjustments remain visible even after clicking "Apply Group Config". The left side maintains the group publication status while the right pane remains in the review mode.   In older version, the right pane review of changes goes away immediately after "Apply Group Config" is clicked.
  • Clicking on the "Refresh" (icon) on the left pane of screen during publication does not impact the right side with the review details. 
  • Clicking on "Close Changes" makes the right pane status sync up eventually with the left pane.
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