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KB44611 - How to consolidate and download logs from the PCS device as a single file

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Last Modified Date10/26/2020 8:48 PM

How to consolidate and download logs from the PCS device as a single file

This article provides information on a location where logs from the PCS device can be enabled/collected from a single location instead of navigating to different locations to enable and collect the logs.
Problem or Goal
PCS Administrators would be able to enable all the logs required for a specific issue by navigating to a single location. They would be able to download it as a single zip file from the PCS device, without having to navigate to different locations and enable/collect logs.
In PCS OS version 9.1R3, Pulse Secure introduced a common location were the PCS administrators can enable and collect logs from a single location that is required for a specific issue/troubleshooting.
Note: The location can be accessed only when the Admin GUI of the PCS devices is accessed with New UI

1. Navigate to Maintenance > Troubleshooting > Log Collection.
   System logs > check the box "Select All System logs" to be able to download the "All IVE logs"
(This log would be required for all types of issues were PCS device logs is required).

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2. Under Troubleshooting logs, select the logs required based on the issue faced.
3. Click Edit next to each log to enable to logs before reproducing the issue.

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4. Select Include System snapshot for the issues were system snapshot is required.

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5. Click Save Changes.

6. After reproducing the issue, click either "Save logs" to save the logs or click "Stop & save logs" to save the logs and disable the logging.

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