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KB44782 - VPN on Demand fails with error "Authentication failure" on iOS when Role/Realm has host checker restrictions enabled

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Last Modified Date4/12/2021 6:36 PM
When the Role/Realm is had host checker restrictions enabled VPN connection on iOS through VPN on demand fails with "Authentication Error" in the client logs.
Problem or Goal
The VPN connection works as expected when connected from the Pulse Client but fails when triggered using VPN on demand when host checker is configured on the Role/Realm.

The client logs will show the authentication has failed
20210311214855.154811 Network extension[p3532.t1031] error VPN disconnecting due to an authentication failure (

VPN on demand is a concept to smoothly connect VPN without any user intervention. Hence any user input required like password input, sign in notification selection and any third party components (pulse or any other components for apple) to be run during the connection is not supported .

This is working as designed and this behaviour on iOS is from the start of Pulse iOS client.
For VPN on demand to work properly disable host checker on the role/realm which is mapped for the user connecting using VPN on demand.
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