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KB44820 - Pulse: What is the Lockdown Exceptionsv2 in the connstore.dat file?

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Last Modified Date6/28/2021 7:58 PM

This article provides information on the new area in the connstore.dat file called Lockdown-Exceptionsv2

Problem or Goal

When reviewing the connstore.dat after upgrading to Pulse 9.1R11 and PCS/PPS 9.1R11 there is a new section titled Lockdown-Exceptionsv2
The admin &/or security team need to know what this is


This is part of the enhancement listed in the 9.1R11 What's New document for 9.1R11: Lock-down exception enhancements

The `Lockdown-Exceptionsv2` section allows the Pulse client to receive the instructions from the Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) or Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) server to adjust the built-in lockdown exceptions (KB43665). 
This section enables the administrator to reject access that is enabled by default OR enable access that is rejected by default
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