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KB44859 - How to use the In-Build Integrity Check Tool

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Last Modified Date8/12/2021 4:36 PM
Problem or Goal
In PCS 9.1R12, we are introducing the In-Build Integrity Check Tool to perform the Scan without a down time and how to detect in the logs and verify periodically.
If any attackers, trying to modifying read/write the files inside the file system by using any unknown vulnerabilities. This become unnoticed. To detect this, have to run the standalone Integrity Check Tool. This takes a downtime in the environment prior to PCS 9.1R12 version.

In PCS 9.1R12, You can define the Integrity Check Tool to scan periodically or through scheduled scan.
Go to System > Configuration > Security > Miscellaneous 

Periodic Scan
- It performs the Integrity check in the file system every 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours are per the below screenshot.
User-added image

Scheduled Scan
- It performs Integrity check in the file system as per administrator preferred set timings.
Scheduled Scan

If any new files, you can observe this in the event logs.

Go to System > Logs/Monitoring > Event Logs

User-added image

If any new detected files observed in the event logs, Please go to the below section and download the scanner snapshot and provide to Ivanti/Pulse TAC support.

Go to Maintenance > Troubleshooting > System Snapshot.

User-added image

Note: For filtering Integrity Tool Scan Start and Stop, newly detected files use the below ID's to filter in the event logs section.

id='SYS32039' - Integrity Checker Failed: Detection 1 new files!
id='SYS32087' - Integrity Checker Tool: Integrity Scan Started!
id='SYS32088' -  Integrity Checker Tool: Integrity Scan Finished!

In the event logs, if you observed Critical id='SYS32039' immediately open a support case and take the device offline and share the scanner snapshot file to Ivanti/Pulse TAC support  to identify the whether is False.
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