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KB44959 - Android users using Pulse Client 9.10.0 receive “Unsupported URI Scheme” message.

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Last Modified Date6/7/2022 5:58 PM
This article describes a scenario where Android users using Pulse Client 9.10.0 receive “Unsupported URI Scheme” message.
Problem or Goal
When Android users connect with Pulse Client 9.10.0, they see the “Unsupported URI Scheme” message.

This issue is not observed with previous Pulse Android client versions.

This issue is known to occur under the following conditions:

Condition # 1:

a. If the Admin has configured an Android OS check rule "Below 9.0". 


If the corresponding Policy is set to be evaluated (not enforced) at the realm level.

Note: With this condition (Below 9.0), Android 8.0 or below users will not see the issue.

Condition # 2:

If there is no Android rule configured (At role or realm) for every HC policy configured. 

Condition # 3:

If there is any Android Rule under the "Cache Cleaner Policy"
The empty policies received during Host Checking is causing the Pulse Android client to stop the Web View.
The issue is fixed in the next (9.11.0) release 


For Condition # 1: Modify the Android OS Check Rule to say "Above 6.x" so that no Android users face the problem.

For Condition # 2: Ensure that every HC policy configured (Role or Realm) has at least one Android rule configured (Say OS check Above 4.x).

For Condition # 3: Remove Android Policy from under the "Cache Cleaner Policy" or disable the "Cache Cleaner Policy".
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