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KB45070 - What happens when SD license expires?

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Last Modified Date3/23/2022 12:15 PM
Problem or Goal
PulseSecure Services Director would typically have several different licenses, with potentially different lifecycle timeframe:

- Base, or SD license: When this expires, SD would attempt to switch over to another base license if one was added ahead of time. If no replacement base license available, whole SD would become unlicensed, and vTMs receiving license from this SD would enter grace period according to the FLA license (for example FLAv4 and FLAv5 prescribe 42 days);

- Resource licenses, such as bandwidth pack (BWP): When this expires, amount of bandwidth available for vTMs decreases accordingly, and if total sum of bandwidth available exceeds total sum of bandwidth allocated to vTM, capacity shortfall would occur, where some (or all) vTMs becoming unlicensed within 3 minutes of the license expiration;

- Add-on licenses, such as WAF feature: When this expires, vTMs having this feature assigned would see the feature revoked and temporarily stopped;

- FLA (flexible license architecture license): When this expires, vTMs would no longer be able to get licensed, and enter grace period;

- FLAv4 - a type of FLA - this expires in year 2025. Administrator is advised to migrate to FLAv5 before that;

- FLAv5 - a type of FLA - this good until year 2030, and is only available with SD software version 21.1 and higher.
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