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KB45147 - Premature Expiry Of Licenses With Extended Validity

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Last Modified Date5/4/2022 3:22 PM
This article describes an issue where Subscription Licenses with extended validity are prematurely expired based on the SKU duration.
Problem or Goal
In the current licensing model, the duration of the license is the property of the SKU itself. So licenses with extended validity will expire based on the duration of the SKU.

Here is an example of a one-year SKU license with 2-month extended validity. 
Model/SKUDescriptionStart DateEnd Date
CONSEC-1000U-1YRPulse Connect Secure License (VPN remote access) 1000 Concurrent Sessions - Subscription 1 Year with gold Support included03/12/20215/14/2022
In this case, the license will expire on 03/12/2022 as the SKU duration is one year even though the license was generated with extended validity.
We have enhanced generating licenses of varied durations determined by the start and end date irrespective of the duration in the SKU. Please work with the accounts team to generate another license with the same start & end dates and add the new license to get the expected end date.

Note: This issue was seen with licenses generated (with extended validity) prior to August 25th, 2021.
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Created ByJayanth Chettidurai



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