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KB45176 - cgi-server process crashed when using "Always-on VPN using wizard" feature.

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Last Modified Date5/20/2022 12:18 PM
Attempting to configure a Connection Set using the "Always-on VPN using wizard" on a PCS device causes the cgi-server process to crash.

Users -> Pulse Connectt Secure -> Connections -> Select Connection Set Name -> Configure Always-on VPN using wizard


Problem or Goal

Each Time when we click on Submit under the Always-on VPN using wizard, a process snapshot "Program CGI-server recently failed" is getting generated.


critical - [] - System()[] - 2022/05/12 13:16:10 - Program cgi-server recently failed.
critical - [] - System()[] - 2022/05/12 13:16:22 - Program cgi-server recently failed.
critical - [] - System()[] - 2022/05/12 13:16:33 - Program cgi-server recently failed. 
The bug fix for this issue will be merged in the upcoming PCS OS 9.1R16

Note: So far we have not received any user/system impact for this issue
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Created ByGourinath Diojode



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