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KB45325 - Ivanti Secure Access Client crash observed when PSAM tunnel is established on macOS.

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Last Modified Date7/22/2022 5:07 PM
Ivanti Secure Access Client ( ISAC) crash observed when PSAM tunnel( L4-Connection) is established on MacOS.

Problem or Goal
The ISAC crash is observed when the 9.1R15 Client connects to the 9.1R16 ICS server that is upgraded from pre 9.1R16 ICS with macOS PSAM configured.

When ICS is upgraded to 9.1R16 from pre -9.1R16 with PSAM macOS configured then an additional character "^" is sent to the client along with application/destination details as highlighted below.

dsAccessService samAM p1956 t8C03 samConfig.cpp:833 - 'samConfig' server config = uninstallMode=no;dnsFiltering=yes;netbios=off;domain_auth=off;dns1=;dns2=;;apps=Safari||||^;dests=WSAM-DENIED-SERVERS--|*^|*^|*^[fd01:2001:366:64::/64]|*^|*;start_script=;end_script=;enable_logging=0;iezones=0;enable_logupload=0;ipv6_enabled=on;fqdn_precedence=1

When the Ivanti Secure Access Client parses the PSAM Config details, the app crashes. The MacOS code is enforcing the proper format of the config sent by the ICS using asserts. In Windows this enforcement is disabled.
Issue is not observed when newly created PSAM configuration is added after the ICS upgrade to 9.1 R16.
Solution 1: Upgrade the client to 22.2R1
Solution 2: Delete and recreate the macOS PSAM configurations after the ICS upgrade to 9.1 R16.

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