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KB45363 - Router sends incoming traffic to a wrong Traffic Manager

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Last Modified Date8/5/2022 10:07 AM
Problem or Goal
With PulseSecure Virtual Traffic Manager, when regular Traffic IP Groups are used (i.e. not RHI), there is a very rare, but serious failure possible. It manifests itself like so:

- A redundancy event (TIP failover) happened recently;

- According to the vTM (both web UI and CLI), TIP in question is hosted on one vTM, let's call it A;

- According to the subnet router, TIP in question is hosted on the other vTM, let's call it B;

- No user traffic is serviced (complete outage).
When doing TIP failover, vTM that is taking over it (vTM A in our example), would send a pre-determined number of ARP packets as broadcast, so that every other host on that subnet (including router) would know to send traffic to vTM A from now on.

However, depending on router's configuration (ARP rate-limits, or ARP filters), it can drop those packets, and keep thinking that TIP is still hosted on vTM B, as was genuinely the case before the failover.
Immediate workaround would be for administrator, to force TIP failover - using "Passive" option of the problematic TIP(s), possibly multiple times, while watching the router's ARP table, until this matches with vTM cluster status.

Long-term solution would be on evaluate router's configuration to make sure no ARP rate-limiting/filtering is done in the vTM's segment.
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